How long does it take to redo my floor?

That depends upon environmental factors, floor condition and type of service provided. If we are removing wax from your floor or simply applying over a newly installed hard-surface, the time will vary. If we are acid etching concrete or drum sanding natural wood, the preparation process could take longer. If your floor is severely damaged, our crew might spend extra time repairing damage before applying a fresh coat of finish. The type of floor can also play a big part in how long it takes to complete your project. In the end, we do our very best to complete floor preparation as quickly as possible before we apply the preferred floor finish. After we complete our initial inspection of your floor, we will have a better idea how long it should take and we will let you know.

Here is an example that might help:

Two sheet vinyl patient rooms at 300 square feet each need to be stripped of wax and a new coat of urethane applied. Our crew can complete the stripping, neutralization and application within about 3 hours. The urethane will take about 5 hours to dry. So, your patient rooms will need to be closed for approximately 8 hours. If we start at 8:00pm, then the rooms would be ready for use again the next morning at 4:00am.